Craig endeared to him the young n old.  He was a mystic and a healer a humble soul. His healing hands and massage technique would leave you feeling rejuvenated.  It was a head to toe massage and at the end a session with Craig you left feeling blessed He advocated on the healing with WATER, fresh juices and the Kombucha (home made) that he shared with many friends.  He mastered exotic soups and fed a community every weak. His signature ‘incredible edibles’ cookies were exactly that. Yummy. The Farmer’s market was thankful for Craig and he blessed us all with organic food weekly. Craig had a personality that was bigger than life. His infectious laughter, his Healing Touch, and His Emotional Intensity. If you were lucky enough to be hugged or touched by him either physically or emotionally, you would your breathe was taken away and when he smiled you would feel forever blessed. Craig lived each day like it was his last. He always said this is the best day of my life and meant it.  He was known as the Waterman in Venice Beach. He was a positive soul with a sparkle in his eyes that brought so much Joy to an entire community.  At 65 Craig had a 6 pack.  Craig skated at Venice Beach for 30 years at the Skate Dance Area.  His signature moves were the Hoops n Balls n Bustin a Split.  Craig was one of a kind. And just as he blew our minds with his soulful voice and laughter that never quit, his poetry enchanted us andd wisdom enlightened us. Craig prayed and meditated on God’s words day and night. He made each and every one of us feel welcomed, loved and special.  Craig you are one of the Greatest Souls to ever grace this earth. We are blessed because of your great big heart….You are so very Thoughtful and will be very greatly missed. May your spirit live eternal and May we keep you legacy alive…Rest In Peace Our Beloved Craig Johnson