World On Wheels is closing :-(

We (vbsk8dancers) are saddened over the announcement that WOW is closing. It is a huge loss to our sk8 community and leaves us no rinks in Los Angeles.  We realize that now one of the only sk8 venues now left in Los Angeles is Venice Beach so we would like to cordially invite all of the L A sk8ers to join the skating at Venice Beach Skate Dance Plaza.   It is a fun and friendly scene… and we have a DJ & sk8 most Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

With the closing of WOW perhaps it is time for the entire sk8 community of Los Angeles to come together and come up with some future plan to expand our sk8 community?  We welcome any suggestions as to how we can help.

Also, we suggest you go to the Join Us page on this website to get on our email list so you may receive information about the music schedule if you aren’t already on our list.

Here is an article from the Los Angeles Times about the closing of World on Wheels which ran on June 22, 2013:

World on Wheels rolls to an end - Los Angeles Times - 22 June  2013

 Link to the Los Angeles Times article online


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