O G Skater Duval Stowers, aka Superman

Hi Everyone

We have lost one of our O G skaters Duval Stowers, aka Superman. I don’t have
many details except that he had recently been ill. There will be a memorial service for Duval on Friday November 20th at 11AM at McCormick Mortuary 1016 West 164th Street, Gardena, Ca. 90278.

We will be having a Memorial Skate for Duval on Sunday December 6th at 2:00 pm
at Skate Dance Plaza. Please wear a Superman T-shirt in his honor.

We have created a Facebook page entitled All about Duval.  Many of you have posted pictures heartfelt feelings, thoughts and your experiences with Duval on your Facebook pages .. you may also post them to this special page so that nothing gets lost in the sea of Facebook ..  or feel free to share them here.

Duval Stovers duval-supermanThe memorial was extraordinary, a heartfelt and beautifully executed celebration of Duval’s life. Some of us attended and we were welcomed and honored as Duval’s by his family and other friends.



3 thoughts on “O G Skater Duval Stowers, aka Superman

  1. Hey Super Brother: Up, up, up and awaaaaaaaay. Well, you have flown up to Heaven where you are awaiting the rest of us. It was kind of GOD to let you fly among and entertain us for so long. Fly, fly now in Heaven. Agape-Shalom~

  2. hi! i’m from la originally but live in nyc now…i just started learning to skate dance but am visiting home for the holidays and would love to check you guys out. will you be doing anything this sunday (12/20)?

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