Skaters Rally to Support Emergency Fund for Nelson

“Attention skaters one of out sk8 fam Nelson Bracamonte is a victim of an Arson fire to his vehicle. It was torched and all his stuff was destroyed. This happened a couple days ago. Im reaching out for him. Weather or not you know. If you can help contact via face book or cell if you have the number. Drop a word of encouragement; i cant imagine what he must be going through.”  ~ shared by Don Daman~

“Hi Everybody! Please help to contribute what you can to help Nelson Bracamonte to recover last night’s fire damages that completely destroyed his only means for work – van and photo equipment for more pictures see Nelson’s FB page. As many of you already expressed a desire to help, here is Nelson’s page to raise recovery funds.”  ~ shared by Vera Goldina~

“please help…..his van was set on fire and all his photography equip and comp stuff was in there and lost everything. ” ~ shared by Chris Gallo~

Someone committed ARSON on my van! Every thing inside is totally destroy .all my photography equipment destroyed. I reaching out to my friends for HELP!!!!” ~ shared by Nelson Bracamonte ~