The Venice Beach Skate Dancers are an established world known tourist attraction in the city of Los Angeles, California, USA. Venice Beach Skate Dancers gather people of all ages, race, religion, culture and socio-economic strata to Venice Beach through demonstration of dancing on roller skates.  The skaters provide music, education and entertainment in a safe out door area, a public venue for all people to participate.
The city of Venice embraced the Skate Dancers and in the year 2000 officially designating an area known as Skate Dance Plaza taking its place with the other major known Venice Beach recreational attractions such as Muscle Beach and the Basketball Courts that regularly draw celebrity athletes, local and visiting participants, as well as international tourists.

The Venice Beach Skate Dancers have been a leader and partner in the Skate Dance Communities across the United States for over thirty years.   The group holds a strong presence in their home base community of Venice Beach as a peaceful global model of unity, serving the public, open to the public.

Currently this group provides education and free entertainment through creative recreational expression of dance through music.

Venice Beach Skate Dancers Association was formed with an interest to preserve the existence of the Venice Beach Skate Dancers’ public venue and protect the recreational artistic expression of dance on skates to music, building the skate community.

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  1. I’m international I came to Cali, SoCal in specific to finish my master’s, and Venice was the best place for me to go feel energetic. and you guys, I remember last time for me in Venice taking great footage for you skating and dancing. that moment of enjoyment which I describe as an inexpressible moment. Indeed I made a video for my trip to Venice and you guys you were in some scene .

    please enjoy watching, your comment and feedback on my instgram account are very welcome.


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