Skate Against Hate & Violence

August 9      Friday Night  7pm 

Visitors will meet at the Sidewalk Cafe for a Meet and Greet with Live Music

August 9     Friday Night 9:30  

Friday Night Skate 

August 10   Saturday Noon at Skate Dance Plaza 

for The Main Event  

August 10   Saturday 7-10 PM 

Skate Party and Dancing at Skate Dance Plaza with Food Available

*August 11  Sunday   Record Breaking Chain of Skaters in Front of the Sidewalk Cafe on the Venice Beach Boardwalk

*You will need to Register in advance with $5.00 Fee and you will receive a # that you will wear during the Skate Chain and a Raffle Ticket for an opportunity to win Skate Gear donated by R C Sports… Details to follow

August 11   Sunday 2:30PM More skating at Skate Dance Plaza

Banners sewn by our skater Claudia Jenkins

Here are some more links about  previous Skate Against Violence & Hate events FYI:

Skate Against Violence - California Outdoor Rollerskaing Association - SF to LA

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